Website Hosting

Innovative Solutions offers full life cycle development taking a website from concept to on the internet and hosting at an affordable price and fast delivery.

Ballistic Trap Media, LLC
Ballistic Trap Media, LLC is a venture started by Jesse Clear. Innovative Solutions worked with Mr. Clear to build the site structure for his business while incorporating his personal interests. We also integrated graphics received from his designer.

Ultimate Financing Guide / Operation Veteran Empowerment
Veteran Woodrow D. Wollesen needed a web presence to connect with other veterans via www.operationveteranempowerment.com, advertise The Ultimate Financing Guide and obtain partnerships. Innovative Solutions donated 100% of the website build, including customized e-commerce with electronic download payment and distribution, and volunteered many hours making the site look and function exactly how Mr. Wollesen wanted it.

GHz Communications, Inc.
GHz Communications, Inc. was looking for a reliable web host with email services. Innovative Solutions quickly migrated their existing site into a Wordpress instance for easy maintenance and expandability then took over duties of ensuring domain name and email access.

The Arc of Rappahannock
The Arc of Rappahannock put out a call on craigslist for a volunteer to help them launch a website for their non-profit orgainzataion as they had no funding for the efffort and Innovative Solutions answered! First, a static site was put up to get information on the web quickly. Then we worked with the Executive Director to install, customize and launch a Wordpress install adhering to the National Arc's process and guidelines. We also helped establish, link and train on the use of social accounts such as Twitter and Facebook and we are assisting with any internet needs they have ongoing. The URL is no longer associated with this organization. Please click the URL to view larger image.

Water Stewardship, Inc.
Water Stewardship, Inc. wanted an online presence for their business. We worked with them to pick out a suitable template and customized the layout and all the content to reflect their business model. We additionally launched a sister site for Water Stewardship, Inc. with the same design and new content to show their Water Stewards Eco-Label.

En-Tice-Ment Stables, LLC.
En-Tice-Ment Stables, LLC. needed a place online to keep their customers informed, advertise their services and display their beautiful farms. We worked with their designer to make an informative, functional site. We later customized a standard template better organize and show information and pictures.

H & E Bowling Supply
H & E Bowling Supply is a full service proshop in Maryland offering everything from accessories to custom drilling! We set them up with a shopping cart they could update in real time by themselves and helped configure and populate the intial product and shipping data. We also developed a custom module for the software that scrolles local Honor Scores on the site for visitors to see. This site is no longer active.

Northern VA Properties
Debbie Baxter Inc. realty company was our first customer. She was our agent and needed a web presence to advertise available homes. She also used our marketing solution at the time to let her clients know she appreciates their business. We also handled Debbie's newsletter and marketing mail for a time. The website is no longer online but a screenshot can be viewed by clicking the thumbnail.